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    Time-lapse DC Street

    Oct 2013

    DC - Adams Morgan Night

    Gen Art MashupJan 2014

    Gen Art Mashup

    Gen Art PatternJan 2014

    Gen Art Pattern

  • Apparel

    To me, the apparel industry is the realization of all my dreams and goals as a designer and artist. How we design a garmet for someone to wear is as much as science as it is an art and we are designing a product that becomes so personal to the person who purchases it. That is the ultimate compliment, and the ultimate act of trust.

    If i can die knowing that I gave my best, I will die a happy man. Sounds cliche, but that's from my heart.

  • Textiles

    Textiles are the beginning of the design process. You choose the fabrics that will best represent your garments through texture, color, hand, and performance. When done right, and with care and attention to the smallest detail, your line speaks to the people who buy your garments.

    Having the skill to design my own textiles is a very important part of the process to me.

  • Art

    And where would we be as artists and designers without art. We can get inspired by the colors in a Van Gogh, or the lines in a Mondrian. Art is my expression when I need to be completely free from constraints.

    Whether I'm taking photos to use in art pieces or for elements in a texile design, art is the glue that binds what I do together. Apparel, textiles, and art are my triangle of truth and serenity.

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