Jeff Hendrickson

That's me when I lived in a great loft in Cincinnati.  Now back in Washington DC.  I grew up in Ohio and have lived most of my adult life on the East Coast, floating between DC and NYC.

Went to NYC in the early 80s to study design and that's when I first started painting.  Kids came along and slowed that process a bit, but I'm back at it now and thoroughly enjoying the process and the new discoveries along the way.

By day I'm an Experience Architect for a rather large global company you've most likely heard of, and by night and on weekends, and any other time I can find, I run a few other sites, write novels, paint, make craft bitters, and study for a coaching certificate.

If you want to take a look, here are the other sites I created:

Elite Soccer Drills - with my youngest son, book and videos

The UX Design Strategist - I do training in this kind of work internationally

Bachelor Survival Guides - Tips and advice for younger single guys

Sage Warrior Gentleman - Tips and advice for older guys, and a call to action for mentoring

Style Confidence for Guys - Teaching guys how to buy and wear clothes that will last while making them look great

More Sections and Artwork Coming Soon

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